Documentation for PTimLogToCSV

a converter for your PTimLog-data

(c) 2000 by Maik Boenig


To install PTimLogToCSV you just have to copy the PTimLogToCSV.exe into a directory you like. After starting it the first time, it creates one file in this directory, so that you have two files for this program. Deinstalling is easy: You only have to delete these two files.


You can start PTimLogToCSV with a double-click on its icon. After starting PTimLogToCSV, it tries to open the selected data-file (if you start it the first time, you have to set the data-file before you can see the records,.... ).

PTimLogToCSV recognizes all settings. Therefore, if you start the program, it opens the same screen, the same settings etc. you set before closing the application the last time.

Page: Main

This page is devided into two sections: Statistics and Filenames. In addition, you start the conversion-process from this page.

Due to some difficulties with the internal representation of timestamps, the dates in the statistics are not necessary the right ones. It seems, that the representation changes within different PalmOS-versions.

With a tap at the filename (source or destination), you can change the databases. NOTE: Once you selected a 'main' database, the project database-name is automatically generated. So you must not change the name manually on your desktop.

It is possible to change the extension of the destination filename, but it doesn't change the format of the destination file. It is always a comma-seperated file.

After setting a export-options (see below), you start the conversion with the convert button. If the file exists, it gets overwritten.

Page: Export options

With the settings of this page you control the export-process. You can define, which values you like to export, the time-range and many more. The screen looks like this:

The page is devided into three sections: The calendar section, the Groups to export section and the detailed export fields section.

The two calendar define the date-range for the exported data. However, these settings only affect the export of data; the records, contracts and projects in the other pages are not limited to these settings. So, if you like to export only the month September, 2000, choose September,1, 2000 in the from-calendar and September, 30, 2000 in the To-calendar. As all other settings, these settings are saved so you have the same settings when running PTimLogToCSV the next time.

In the Groups to export section you define the three main groups of data to export: Contracts, Projects and Records. You can choose only to export the 'main' data of these groups or - if you like - to export an additional header whith a description of the fields of the exported data. Depending on these settings, the checkboxes of the third section are enabled or disabled. If you do not like to export the projects, all checkboxes for projects are disabled.

An additional option is the 'Horizontal'-checkbox. If this option is checked, the data is exported in a way, that every contract is one line (horizontal). If this option is unchecked, every contract is exported in one column (vertical).

In the detailed export field section you can enable or disable every value to be exported. This allow a very specialized export of data to your requirement.

Page: Contracts

This page gives you an overview over your defined contracts:

In this overview you only see the most imported values. You can see all defined values, if you click at one of these records. Then an dialog opens and shows all details of this contract. You can change the database you see with a tap on the button showing the name of the current database. Then all data in all pages are updated to the new database.

Currently you cannot change the columns of this list. Maybe I implement this feature in a future release.

Detailed data: Contracts

With a click at one contract in the contract-pagem an window opens and shows details of this contract. A possible contract may look like this:

Though you may change some of these values, they are not saved. At the moment, I try to implement changing and creating of records. In addition, the repeat screen isn't shown. If you like to see the repeat values, feel free to send a mail to

Page: Records

This page shows an overview over your records. This window can look like this:

You see the most interesting values. However, a record has more information. If you like to see this missing information, click at the record.

Detailed data: Records

If you like to see more details for a record, just click at it. Then you see the following screen:

As in the details of your contract, changing the values isn't possible in this release. The billable flag gets introduced in PTimLog 4.0. All records created with an earlier version of PTimLog are billable, so you do not need to change your existing records.

Page: Projects

This page shows an overview over all defined projects. For the following demo-screen I have created three projects:

Detailed data: Project

In analogy to the record-details, a click at a project opens a detail screen. The screen looks like this:

Page: Register

PTimLogToCSV is released as shareware. You can register via Palmgear ( The non registered version is limited to an export of 20 records.

At this page you can enter your key for your registration of PTimLogToCSV. In addition, you can see some information about the registration:


1.04 (12/03/2000):

1.03 (10/07/2000):

1.02 (10/03/2000):

1.01 (09/15/2000):

1.00 (09/12/2000):

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