The Mainscreen:

Main screen This is the main screen of PTimLog. From this screen you can reach nearly all others screen with one or two taps.

You see the version-number and current date as well as values such as time to work this week,....

I think, the most important value for users of PTimLog is the last value: the current overtime.

As you can see, PTimLog can handle a lot of records (in this example there are 526 records)

One menu of the mainscreen:

Here you see the commands-menu of the mainscreen.

With this menu you reach all comands, which are not directly tied to records (show, edit, delete, ...).
Commands in mainscreen

Overview over one year:

One year This screen shows an overview over one complete year.

PTimLog chooses different icons for different record-types. If you did not enter records for one or more dates, you can set PTimLog into a mode, which forces PTimLog to recognize those dates. In such situation, PTimLog choose a different icon.

You can't choose a user-defined range. You see always one year beginning with 01/01 instead.

All available icons for year-overview:

These are all currently available icons for the graphical overview. All available icons