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The latest version always can be found at PalmGear. Click on the following link to go to PalmGear, where you find more information about PTimLog. In addition, you can read reviews for PTimLog.

PTimLogToCSV 1.04 on PalmGear

If you prefer to download it from this page, here's the link:

PTimLogToCSV Version 1.04 (german and english version)

You like to get an older version:

PTimLogToCSV Version 1.03 (german and english version)

PTimLogToCSV Version 1.02 (english version)

PTimLogToCSV Version 1.01 (english version)

How to buy:

If you like to buy PTimLog, please click at button above. You register via the secure PalmGear - site.


You need your credit-card number in order to register.